Get your motor running! The Vault at BIGHORN, with its racy architectural design, is a first-class car gallery. Inspired by the sleek design of Europe’s finest cars, vintage Americana models, and one-of-a-kind automobiles from around the globe, The Vault is the car aficionado’s ultimate home away from home!

Eye candy! The Vault’s extraordinary showplace interior houses 50 of the world’s greatest automobiles and eight sleek, road-machine motorcycles. Plus, BIGHORN is the first and only club to offer a premium vehicle showroom with a lifestyle aspect in its 2,750sf Redline Lounge.

A one-of-a-kind experience! Directly adjacent to and raised above the garage floor is a designer sports lounge, the Redline Lounge, featuring indoor/outdoor seating, eight flat-screen televisions and a car aficionado-inspired bar.

Turbocharged for the premier car-and-driver experience! Above, a James Bond-esque sculpture complements a ceiling made of black lacquered slats, radiating the excitement of the expertly designed space. Below, custom curved sofas provide double-sided seating around a finely crafted Ferrari tachometer coffee table clearly redlining.

Wow! The collection is amazing! The ever changing array of cars makes this the most stunning car collection ever assembled in one location!

Our favorite trophies! Designed as a first-class facility available only to BIGHORN Members and their personal, prized vehicles, The Vault at BIGHORN is 22,000 sf of designated space in which car enthusiasts can celebrate their passion.

Race any car on any track! The Pro Cockpit features a custom-designed MOMO RACING wheel with integrated fingertip controls, a quick release, and shifting paddles connected to a powerful force feedback steering system. The Virtual VGT Racer is motorsports’ most popular racing simulator among amateurs and racing professionals.